Clips & Selected Works


Alter, Flannigan post fundraising leads in City Council campaign
“We’re spending our money responsibly, focusing on phone calls and knocking on doors,” Allison Heinrich, Flannigan’s campaign manager. Read the full article

Updated: Contribution reports show who’s giving to City Council candidates
District 6, Zimmerman’s only opponent so far is Jimmy Flannigan, who reported Friday that he had raised $46,951.54 from more than 350 donors, beating Zimmerman’s collection by about $10,000. Allison Heinrich, Flannigan’s campaign manager, bragged in a press release that Flannigan had outpaced Zimmerman not only in the amount raised but also in the total number of donors. Read the full article

Senior Fellow’s Backstories Issue 6 – Moody College of Communication
“Philosophy and journalism double major Allison Heinrich is putting her communication skills to the cause of social justice at a local level, working for the Texas Freedom Network, a civil liberties advocacy group, and running the election campaign of a candidate for Austin City Council.” Read the full profile

Texas’ sex-ed programs don’t prepare UT students – The Daily Texan
“’Abstinence-only policies completely fail teens in Texas,’ Heinrich, a journalism senior,  said.” Read the full article

Passionate. Empowered. Fighting for Change. – Wellstone
Right after our training, we went out to register voters and to get them to pledge to vote. I was walking back to the office and one of our sophomore members comes running up to me and says, ‘Our messaging training worked! I was talking to a guy who was totally uninterested in registering, but after a few-minute conversation, I convinced him to register!’” Read the full article

Selected Works

What is it and how does it affect our community, a project by UT journalism students: 

Down South From Walden’s Pond
A profile of Dr. Paul Woodruff

Happiness is a Warm Gun
My trip to a gun range with a Concealed Carry activist

One Step Closer to Concealed Carry on Texas’s College  Campuses
GUNS! Coming soon to a public university near you



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