Round 2: Success and a Mandate

With 55.9 percent of the vote, Jimmy Flannigan won District 6 with a mandate for placing results over ideology. Jimmy will be the first openly-gay man and the first person from Williamson County to serve on Austin City Council when he is inaugurated in January 2017. Read more below about 2016’s “epic rematch” via the Austin-American Statesman:

Jimmy Flannigan ousts City Council Member Don Zimmerman
by Elizabeth Findell

“Austin City Council hopeful Jimmy Flannigan declared victory before the counting was finished on Election Day votes. That came after District 6 Council Member Don Zimmerman indicated to reporters he did not expect to overcome Flannigan’s strong lead in early voting results.

‘Don has pretty much said there’s no way to overcome the early voting,’ said Tim Kelly, Zimmerman’s campaign manager.

Photo by: Dustin Safranek | Jimmy Flannigan and campaign manager Allison Heinrich review ongoing poll results Tuesday, during a election night party at Serrano’s at Lakeline Mall.

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Flannigan, who built support as a softer alternative to Zimmerman’s often-fiery conservatism, ultimately won with 56 percent of the vote — a margin was bigger than he expected.

‘It’s definitely a mandate,’ he said. ‘They wanted to see leadership and they wanted to see someone work across the city.'”

Read the full Austin-American Statesman article here



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