There are 22 women Heads of State… so they included none of them

What started out as a fun survey to kill time has devolved into my severe annoyance that there are no women on this political ideology grid. I mean really… is it too much to ask? Be relevant and throw in Hillary Clinton or Elizabeth Warren (US), Angela Merkel (Germany), or Michelle Bachelet (Chile). As Merkel approaches a decade in office, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia is right on her heels to reach that milestone. More into history than current events? Maybe Margaret Thatcher might prove appropriate. Perhaps Isabel Peron (Argentina) or Golda Meir (Israel) are more to your fancy?

But seriously, out of 22 current women Heads of State they couldn’t include a single one?

Political Coordinates Test

If you want to take the quiz, you may do so here: Political Coordinates Test


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